The hot pools

Ngawha Springs Hot Pools - Doctor

Today, a vast variety of mineral pools – with a variety of temperatures – bubble from the ground into large wooden tubs.

The hot springs arising in this area are slightly acidic and are rich in ammonia, bicarbonate, boron and mercury, which is not typical of other springs in New Zealand. Tests have shown that the pools contain in varying amounts also boric acid, bromide, calcium chloride, caesium, carbon dioxide, magnesium, iodine, fluoride, lithium, sodium, ammonium, rubidium sulphate, silica, potassium and some other.

All pools have personal names. Amazingly they have different colour and different temperature even being in close proximity of each other. So, while Bulldog has black water and temperature between 41-48 degrees, a small pool located in about 3 meters from it has white water and cool temperature.

Every one pool has its own individual spring, each with its own temperature. The difference in the colour of each pool is an indication of the variation in mineral composition and individual underground source. The spring waters are presented in their natural state and are not in any way processed.

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